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Full Service

From £139.99 See below check list Prices may vary depending on location 77 point, 12-month annual inspection
  • Engine Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Air Filter Change
Spread the cost from £7.95 per month
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  • Drop off in Garage
  • Home Delivery
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Full Service Schedule

77-point Full Service
Every 10,000 miles or 12 months

See what's included in each service:

Interim Full
Collect vehicle from specified address
Check vehicle history
Note customer comments and recommendations
Check for damage to body work
Check trims
Check lamps
Check number plates
Check mirrors
Check timing belt interval
Interim Full
Check ABS
Check all interior warning lights
Check horn
Check condition and operation of seatbelts
Check operation of interior lights and switches
Check operation of exterior lights and switches
Check front and rear windscreen wipers and washers
Check condition and security of windscreen
Check condition and security of rear view mirror
Check fuel cap
Check air conditioning
Check and top up power steering reservoir
Check PAS
Check auxiliary belt
Check fan belts
Check pollen/cabin filter
Check battery condition and security
Check clutch operation
Check handbrake operation and travel
Check and top up gearbox oil
Check and top up axle oil
Check and top up transfer box oil (if applicable)
Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels
Check and top up brake fluid
Check and top up antifreeze
Check and top up clutch fluid
Top up of the above fluids, if required (additional surcharge of £5.99 + VAT)
Lubricate door hinges
Lubricate catches and locks (where required)
Check coolant systems for leaks
Check engine cooling fan
Check operation of throttle and lubricate as required
Replace air filter (if required additional £12.50 charge + VAT)
Replace spark plugs if applicable (at extra cost)
Visually inspect condition of HT leads
Interim Full
Carry out underbody inspection (check for any corrosion)
Replace engine oil (specialist if required £24.00 + VAT)
Replace oil filter
Check condition and security of steering
Check condition and security of suspension
Check condition and security of mountings
Check condition and security of gaiters
Check exhaust system for security and leaks
Check fuel lines for security and leaks
Check brake pipes
Check hoses
Check handbrake cables
Check cylinders/callipers for leakage (if applicable)
Check condition of distributor cap
Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear
Test starter motor cranking operation and security
Visually inspect radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for security and leaks
Check all wheel bearings for noise/free play
Check tyre condition and adjust pressure (if required)
Check and record brake pads/shoes for condition and operation
Check and record drums and discs for condition and operation
Check condition and operation of front brakes (wheels removed)
Check condition and operation of rear brakes (wheels removed)
Refit wheels (if applicable) - set wheel torque
Additional checks as per manufacturer schedule
Interim Full
Conduct road test
Check exhaust emissions and idle speed
Reset service light (where applicable)
Stamp service book
Deliver vehicle to specified address